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Three houses have work areas and display fronts at street level and three houses have gardens and first-floor terraces. The corner of Straightsmouth with Churchfields is strengthened in its form within the limits imposed by daylight and sunlight standards affecting the houses to the north.

A long-derelict eyesore of a site in central Greenwich achieved planning permission in June for a model scheme of high-density urban renewal. The former oil depot in Straightsmouth, a classic contaminated 'brown-field' site, had an outline permission for five live-and-work units when BWCP was instructed late in 1999 to reconsider development options.

The developer preferred residential use but, having been an 'employment site' policy demanded some replacement jobs. The triangular site makes adequate surface parking difficult and eliminates any chance of compensating for the arid surroundings with greenery.

The permitted scheme provides six larger units, three of them houses, the others including working areas with display frontages at street level. The houses have gardens and south-facing terraces, possible because of the inclusion of basement parking reached buy car lift. Officers of the council were enthusiastic in their support, both for the urban design treatment which strengthens a presently weak road junction, and accepted the unusual density needed to achieve this and viability for the scheme. Project director Donald Needham had to carry out computer modelling to achieve and demonstrate that the new building did not prejudice the daylight and sunlight standards as they affected neighbouring terrace houses in Churchfields, a very narrow street to the north.

The application went to Greenwich council in December and was granted full consent in June, despite vocal opposition from a few neighbours. Preparations are underway for 'remediation' of the land before the start of construction.

Great images and plans which can be printed may be found by clicking on this link: http://www.designforhomes.org/ and going to>project focus >straightsmouth.