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Consultation responses to this revision of the 'smaller' scheme will be posted below.

A public exhibition has been planned with the Greenwich Society for WEDNESDAY 25th May at the Yoga Centre on the site at 18-19 Stockwell Street. This will run from 5.30 to 7.30pm and the architects will be in attendance. Please come!

May 2005 Update:
The 'smaller' scheme has been reworked in the light of the borough's requirement that it comprise a separate planning application: originally it had been agreed it would be a partial implementation of the larger application proposal. The difference between the schemes is that this is on land owned by the applicant and excludes railway land. The preferred development is the larger one, for townscape as well as commercial reasons. However Network Rail will claim a ransom over the larger scheme if there is no alternative which does not depend on their land, hence the importance of achieving permission for both.
The reworking of this design treats it as a stand-alone scheme with no expectation that the railway cutting will be covered. The key features of our urban design analysis are retained: the pedestrian environment, the footpaths through the site and the axis on the spire of St Alfeges.
The principal difference is the treatment of the buildings now forming a clear corner on the junction of Church Street and Stockwell Street. A single-storey showcase-shopfrontage curves out to catch the eye of people walking up from the Cutty Sark and to lead pedestrians into the new square. From the High Road it closes the gap caused by the railway cutting. Further explanation is contained in our written submission which I reproduce below after the views and plans.

Your comments are appreciated, please send them to: stockwellsquare@bwcp.co.uk

Thank you,

Brian Waters

BELOW: floor plans from basement to fourth floor

28 April 2005
Director of Strategic Planning GREENWICH LBC Peggy Middleton House 59 Woolwich New Road London SE18 6HQ Attn: Jim Smith Esq

Dear Sir
Stockwell Street Redevelopment, Greenwich for Stockwell Park Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenwich House Properties Ltd) 04/1807/F (excluding Network Rail land).
Further to our recent correspondence, conversations and meeting with Mr Crow, I am pleased now to submit our amendment to the application dated 5th July 2004. The enclosures and references applicable to that submission remain as before except where specifically amended hereby.
The amendments have three main purposes: ¥ to take in the refinements and design revisions incorporated in the amended larger scheme received by the Council on 11th March 2005. These are noted in my letter to you dated 2nd March.
-to review the design which is no longer a partial implementation of the larger scheme and so respond more to the limitations of the site. I should repeat that the intention remains to protect the viability of the larger scheme from the threat of ÔransomÕ by Network Rail, a threat which is overcome if permission is granted for both schemes.
-to improve the viability of the scheme so as to meet the demands of the s106 agreement and for affordable housing. This submission includes a supplementary Design Statement in drawing No. 1211/P40-1; the detail explanation of materials and design detail follows this at P40-2 and P41.

The development brief for the site calls on the developer to use best endeavours to cover the railway cutting and so to ÔhealÕ the gap in the townscape as seen in particular from Greenwich High Road. In this scheme there is a forced break in the Church Street-to-Stockwell Street frontage as a result of not being able to build over the railway cutting. We have addressed this by introducing a single storey colonnade which extends over the very wide pavement at this point. It is envisaged to be a showcase and a shopfront and extends as a parapet to the pavement where it bridges the railway. The single storey front extension is curved on plan so as to catch the eye and signal the entrance to the new square from the direction of the Cutty Sark, and to lead pedestrians into the square as they get closer. A similar device is used for the smaller entrance near the park gates in Nevada Street.
The remaining unbuilt plot owned by the railway next to the NatWest bank is easily infilled and a block illustrates the effect of doing this, but is not part of this application. The small extension calls for a minor amendment to the site plan and I enclose, as suggested by Mr Smith, an amended Certificate and have issued notices to the highway authority and Network Rail, over whose land this goes.
We have considered how we might assist with further public consultations. The amended larger scheme has been posted on the consultation website and this will follow shortly. We have been offered assistance by the Greenwich Society in publicising an exhibition of both amended schemes at John Humphries House and will attend one evening to explain and deal with questions. We will advise you of the date and time [provisionally Monday 25th May 5.30-7.30pm] and will provide you with a report and a copy of a comment book.

Yours faithfully

Brian Waters
encls: Drawings with schedule of application drawings and illustrative views in 18 binders for consultation purposes, and 2 larger scale formal sets of application drawings. cc with enclosures: Steve Todd Esq, Stockwell Park Ltd Jeremy Edge RICS, AtisReal and team members Greenwich Society; Greenwich Forum; Greenwich Conservation; NR.

Earlier version of application [July 2004] for the development without the Network Rail cutting



The Borough is circulating folders with the full set of drawings and related notes for final consultation comments. Your positive response will be appreciated.