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The client is a charitable foundation which rescued the school trustees following closure of the college. A long-running saga ensued with the aim of establishing a core-user on the site then to be shared by charitable educational users. Planning permission was resolved to be granted by the planning committee , only to be requisitioned and overturned by the full council.
The campus extends to 30 hectares of AONB with extensive Thames frontage and includes three listed modern buildings by Sir Basil Spence [a sculpture gallery-boathouse] and by Tom Hancock. Replacement of run-down dormitory blocks by housing has been proposed, supported by the European Business School, and was approved, against policy, by South Oxfordshire DC planning committee but unravelled as a result of Council politics.
In July 2004 Brian Waters gave evidence, instructing Christopher Lockhart Mummery QC, to the hearing into the S Oxfordshire plan review. The aim was to broaden the policy scope for development and reuse of the site. Options illustrating the development opportunity, including for a 'retirement village', were prepared.

As a result of the Inspector's acceptance of our evidence Savills successfully sold the site on behalf of our client in Autumn 2005.